Deb Siverson’s blog is filled with personal and relevant information about transformation in the workplace.  She is a proponent for transparent and honest conversations between managers and employees, business partners, and teams for the purpose of meeting collective goals. Deb has always been a prolific writer, and uses blogging as a platform to discuss important topics like conflict, workplace engagement, happiness, collaboration, and diversity.  In these posts Deb will share her real-life experiences, insights, and candid thoughts about her work as a consultant, facilitator, and coach in corporate organizations and government agencies.

“I hope these entries offer you some value and insight, and I look forward to reading your comments.”


Identifying Ideal-Self: The 1st Step in Successful Learning Strategy.

November 20, 2012

I was recently considering the idiom, “It’s time to face the music.”  Some say the term references a military ritual of being “drummed-out” as a consequence of one’s behaviors or actions.  It seems an appropriate term for taking stock of my own personal development, a ritualistic drumming-out and retiring of the old me, as a way to make room for the ideal me to emerge.  I rather like the symbolism...rat-a-tat-tat…of facing up to the consequences of my actions. read more

School Bullying is Breaking My Heart

November 14, 2012

I wish I had a magic wand.  My wand would be big, bold, and wildly colorful.  And I would raise my hands high, weaving a pattern of connection and self-compassion over my eleven-year-old granddaughter.  My magic would be of the most powerful variety.  It would ensure that she would always have a voice in her head to remind her, “You were made special, with everything exactly as it should be.  You are beautiful and wise, and no matter what lies others tell you from their own place of shame and fear…don’t you believe read more


February 17, 2012

Tomorrow morning at 6 a.m. my sixteen-year-old leaves for Phoenix and his first big tournament since his doctor released him to play soccer again this past December.  He was out of the game so long (three surgeries over the course of a year), that I wondered “will he be able to make it back?”  I hoped for the best, feared the worse, and felt a great deal of disappointment at not seeing him run like the wind down the field this past year.  He never lost hope that he would return to the game that he loved so much and read more

Deb’s Keys to Happiness (you gotta find your own!)

February 9, 2012

While we each may vary (to some degree) on the specific things that make us happy, we mostly agree that happiness is what we want most out of life.  Happiness can be characterized as positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. read more

Self-Regard and Emotional Intelligence

January 27, 2012

I was just thinking this morning about the closing sentence of the fairy tales of my youth, "and they lived happily ever after." read more


January 25, 2011

Isn't it crazy how much we can dislike ourselves?  What I mean by that, is that there is always some part of who we are that just doesn't quite make the grade.  In the last week, my very pregnant daughter (two weeks from delivery) is mourning the loss of her girlish figure, my fifteen year old is fighting with a breakout or a cold sore, not sure which, and one of my clients struggles with why they didn't get that new job.  And I get it, how many times in the last week have I questioned, doubted, or berated myself for read more

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