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Change: Blow it Up

Dec 18, 2014 12:13:50 PM

I have missed writing my blog these past few months. Having come off of writing my book, and then selling, buying, and moving my household I seem to have depleted both my time and my energy. For the first time in months, I’m inspired to pick up my pen (or keyboard) and share what I have learned this year.

I started out this year on an intentional path toward sustainability, and to me that means:


Able to be used without being completely used up or destroyed, or able to last or continue for a long time.
Early this spring, my husband and I made the decision to sell our very large family home, downsize, and find a place that would serve us in this next phase of our lives. With our children grown, and mostly gone, we find ourselves defining home with words like Simple, Comfortable, and Easy. I thought for a time this might mean “town home” and discovered I couldn’t live without the word “garden.”
The path between the start of this process and today has been quite rocky, at times undefinable, and yet also utterly remarkable. The home we bought has taken more time, more money, and more work than we initially thought it would…but the final product is turning out to be worth it. I didn’t expect the degree of internal turmoil and dysfunction this would create for me. And it was what I needed. I learned to create a sustainable life I would have to undertake a massive transition, and what that means to me is:


A passage from one state, stage, subject, or place to another; or a movement, development, or evolution from one form or style to another.I am transitioning, and it’s more than place, it is surely a state of being. I was at a meeting this week and we were talking about our goals for next year, and I realized that I want even more shifting and changing in 2015. Not like a physical move, but rather more like an internal leap.
I remember this one leadership program I went through years ago, the facilitator would say, “if you usually step right, step left.” I find it a bit exhilarating to think about those ingrained ways of being, and play with the idea of noticing and choosing differently. My intention for the New Year is to embrace even more chaos. What that means to me is:


A state of being open to new ways of being and operating in the world; or a fluid and evolving being that does not accept the status quo. What do you pick to change this year? Whatever it is do it brilliantly, boldly, and bravely. If you have to break it, then blow it to smithereens. This is your year to make of it what you will. Blow it up.
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Deb Siverson is a seasoned executive coach, certified as a PCC through the International Coach Federation. If you want to schedule time to discuss how you or your organization can increase engagement by having a different conversation at work, contact us now.

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Deb Siverson

Deb Siverson is the owner and founder of Xponents. She completed her Masters in Organizational Leadership from University of Colorado-Boulder. Deb is the author of the book, "The Cycle of Transformation: igniting organizational change through the leader coach."

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