Coaching Corner: Future Self

Since this edition is all about self-actualization and connecting with who you want to become, I thought it only appropriate to talk about coaching and Future Self. For many of my clients, and anyone that has attended the Coaches Training Institute course on Fulfillment, you will recognize the term. Future Self is a coaching visualization that supports the receiver in connecting with who they want to become in 5, 10, even 20 years. Receiving coaching that reveals to you your future vision of you, is potentially a life altering experience. How often do we really stop and take the time to dream about who we want to become?

The first time I ever met my future self, I was struck by how wise, poised, and relaxed she was (for those that know me, I can be, well shall we say a bit driven and high strung). The word that came to mind for me in that initial meeting was tranquil. I knew that the “ideal” me was not driven by a need to achieve, but rather came from a place of intentional service. This is not intended to imply that she was sedentary, quite the contrary. In fact, she was buzzing with activity. I have fondly named her Bee Tranquil. Getting to know her has put me on the path of seeking more inner peace and making choices that lead to that end. There are still days, I’m sure, that she shakes her head in disappointment, but more and more often, I imagine she would smile at me, eyes twinkling, and give me a thumbs-up.

I have visited her on many occasions, and I now know her to be an author, one who writes from a place of knowing and wit. Her wisdom is such that I now stop and ask for her advice when I’m especially troubled and her humor reminds me to go lightly. I find myself wondering what she would do in this or that situation. What advice would she give me? This older, wiser woman that I am becoming is always available to help me, if I take the time to look for her. You too have a wealth of knowledge to draw from, already alive and well, living within you. If you haven’t had a connection with your Ideal Future Self in a while, I challenge you to explore who you are becoming.

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