The Results Are In!

Xponents recently completed an engagement with an organization using our Leadership Basics program, and we are proud to report the results. Based on our pre- and post- program assessment process, participants reported an overall increase of 68% in their knowledge of leadership skills, styles and strategies, personal awareness of strengths and opportunities, identified goal and action plan to enhance Leadership Presence, and improved confidence to be more effective at work. The highest scores showed 96.5% increase, “I know the difference between leadership competencies and styles” and a 90% increase, “I have a process to enhance my own critical thinking in complex leadership situations.” The lowest improvement score, with a 21% increase, “I have a clear understanding of what leadership means.” At Xponents we don’t believe the work stops when the results are in. Transformation requires putting new knowledge and awareness to work by transferring learning into your day-to-day interactions at work. We can help you accomplish both!

What participants are saying:


• I learned a lot more about my values & leadership style & will be able to apply those concepts at work & beyond.

• Yes, made me find out a lot about myself and personality.

• Understand myself better which is key!

Others-Valuing Differences

• Also let me know a lot about my co-workers.

• The leadership style and conflict behaviors were really helpful in understanding how our co-workers express themselves. Thank You!

• I will be more receptive to the styles and values of those I work with and can better tailor my approach toward them.


• Feel as though I have a path forward to improve my work performance.

• I will use the knowledge gained of values, styles & conflict resolution

Workshop Satisfaction

• Engaging & Interesting training style, variety of exercises to keep the material interesting & effective.

• Very interactive lessons & thought-provoking exercises

• Deb was fantastic at engaging the group and she has a dynamic teaching styles that will help me relate the topics effectively in my experience here on out.

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