Emotional Intelligence Assessments (Individual and 360)


There are three scientific methods of measuring Emotional Intelligence: ability-based performance, self-ratings, and multi-perspective ratings of one’s EI potential. Xponents uses the EQ-i2.0 Self-Assessment and the Multi-Perspective EQ-360®.

Self-ratings of EI potential ask people how they would perform in a given situation. Unlike ability-based measures where people perform tasks to show their skills, respondents rate their own EI skill use.  The assessments measure self-perception, self-expression, interpersonal, decision making, and stress management aspects of EI.

Multi-perspective ratings provide the broadest view on emotional intelligence. An individual’s emotional intelligence is rated by members of some or all of the following professional and personal associates: managers, peers, direct reports, clients, and family or friends.

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The MBTI® tool is based on 50 years of research and is used to identify personality type. It can help you find your strengths, note possible blind spots, and improve your communications. We use the Myers-Briggs assessment tool as a stand alone assessment, as part of a coaching package or as a tool when working with teams. Knowing your type and that of others in your life can help you understand and appreciate differences in relationships with friends, family and co-workers.

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Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI)


The Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI) is the world’s best-selling assessment for understanding how different conflict-handling styles affect interpersonal and group dynamics. It’s also a fast and powerful tool that can go beyond conflict management to support your team-building, leadership and coaching, and retention goals. The research-backed TKI offers a practical way to initiate safe and nonemotional dialogue to resolve conflict. That’s why it’s ideal for use in so many different situations. It can also improve organizational productivity by helping people gain insight into their own and others’ behavior—which in turn helps them make better choices about outcomes. The TKI has helped businesses, educators, and organizational development professionals successfully address their conflict management needs for more than 30 years.

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Stellar Team Diagnostic


Surveys and assessments abound in the organizational world today. They can be powerful tools that provide insight into organizations, teams and individuals. With every assessment there are sound, fundamental questions worth asking, including, What does it measure? And what is it based on? The following provides an overview of the foundations of the Stellar Team Diagnostic as a way to answer those fundamental questions.

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Human Patterns Inventory

Human Patterns

Great organizations succeed with effective leadership, healthy cultures and engaged employees. The Human Patterns Inventory enables data driven decision making. The design of the tool enables identification of preferences and interests, safeguards against over-generalizations, and creates opportunities for open, candid communication as people engage in personal and professional growth!

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