Human Patterns Inventory

Great organizations succeed with effective leadership, healthy cultures and engaged employees. The Human Patterns Inventory enables data driven decision making. The design of the tool enables identification of preferences and interests, safeguards against over-generalizations, and creates opportunities for open, candid communication as people engage in personal and professional growth!

The 250 question assessment forces individuals to make 2000 decisions. Factors captured are grouped to cover: Keys to Personality, Basic Motivations, Preferred Work Roles, Likely Leadership Behaviors, Direction of Energy, Criteria for Management Choices, World Views, Sensitivities, Team Interaction, Interpersonal Relations, Defenses Used When Confronted, Preferred work environment, and others.

The Human Patterns Inventory is administered by psychometrically trained administrators who specialize in coaching, training, leadership development, and employee relations.

FAQ for People Completing the Inventory

What is the Human Patterns Inventory?

The Human Patterns Inventory is an assessment tool that is used to attract, develop and retain strategic employees, management and leadership for organizations. The assessment has been used for over 25 years and for thousands of administrations to assess preferences and interests. The Human Patterns Inventory matches preferences and interests against a job, a supervisor, a work group and a culture. It provides information you and your coach need for coaching, development, and career planning.

How long will it take to complete the inventory?

HUMAN PATTERNS® is comprised of 250 questions where you have to choose MOST and LEAST between 8 terms. A comprehensive assessment like HUMAN PATTERNS® can take up to two and a half hours to complete. Many individuals take only one hour or so. The assessment is automatically saved, so you can use your login to return to complete it at a later time. It is a comprehensive assessment and can be exhausting, however, its thoroughness is part of the reason the assessment is so useful and insightful.

How can it best be used?

The purpose is to enhance communication between people and increase self-understanding. An emphasis is placed at determining the best way to maximize employee satisfaction, communication, and work assignments.

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