Context of Coaching

Joe Hall

“This was an excellent course that was motivating and inspiring. It was good to see different approaches and new ways to coach and has given me lots of new ideas and skills to take back to and share with my team. There are many excellent techniques such as the “Sparking Insight” that we can apply and take forward in our coaching roles”

Joe Hall Department of Interior Bureau of Reclaimation, Great Plains Region

Context of Coaching is the first of three workshops in the dynamic series, The Cycle of Transformation. This experiential workshop is delivered exclusively by Xponents. Participants learn about transformational leadership and coaching with concepts and skills that inspire, empower, engage, and build trusting workplace relationships.

Program Objectives
  • Discover what inspires and how to recognize it in others
  • Identify what disempowers and how to recover to your empowered state
  • Learn how to build trust and create a climate of psychological safety
  • Practice workplace conversations that are meaningful, productive, and drive outcomes

Program Approach
A three-day workshop
Note: Maximum class size of 20