Leadership Coaching Circles

What will it take to unleash your full potential?
Leadership Coaching Circles are a facilitated group process that focuses on what is needed most to enhance leader-effectiveness.  Xponents’ coaches ask compelling questions intended to move the group to a new level of thinking, and challenge the group to uncover innovative and creative solutions to support new levels of performance.  The ultimate objective is to develop a community of practice who is able to become independent and self-directed.

Who would benefit

  • Teams looking for opportunities to strengthen their relationships and increase their productivity and positivity.
  • Leaders and Managers that want an innovative and organic learning process.
  • Business professionals in leadership positions interested in developing their coaching and leadership skills.
  • Managers who have just learned a new skill set, and would benefit from support as they integrate and reinforce the learning.


  • Identifying, strategizing, developing, and executing an action plan on the team’s greatest business priority.
  • Recognizing team skills and toxins; the importance of balancing vision, strategy, and tactics; the power of leveraging diverse strengths and experiences inherent in teams.


  • Virtual meeting place and interactive blog
  • Two 60-minute calls per month
  • 6-8 people in a coaching circle
  • 3-month and  6-month packages
You can also find this information on Page 5 of the Xponents Catalogue.