Skill Reinforcement Pods

How can we increase the percentage of learning that’s retained?
The Xerox Corporation carried out several coaching-related studies, one of which showed that in the absence of follow-up coaching 87% of the skills change brought about by the program was lost.  However good your skills training is in the classroom, unless it is followed up on the job, most of its effectiveness is lost without follow-up coaching. –Business Wire, July 30th. 2002.

At Xponents, our approach to transferring learning encompasses a combination of on the job assignments, skill refresher pod casts, followed up with social interaction in a virtual community of practice and group coaching using experienced certified Leader Coach/facilitators.

Who would benefit

  • Any participant who recently completed the Context of Coaching workshop and would benefit from additional reinforcement and support.
  • Participants who completed the workshop and would benefit from a refresher.
  • Participants who have managers that are lacking in experience or the time to provide coaching and reinforcement.

What you will learn

  • The impact of coaching skills and processes on real life interactions through the collective experience and sharing of the group.
  • How to transfer the workshop concepts into specific work situations that are typical and/or challenging.
  • Tips and Best Practice ideas from the field.
  • Observations of Demo Coaching models conducted by Master Coaches.

Impact of Pod Membership

  • Members will gain the confidence and skills to needed to execute the fundamental coaching skills, feedback model, and coaching processes that will transform performance.

Learning Approach
Learning extensions that are designed to deepen and sustain fundamentals skills.

  • Membership on social network  (virtual meeting room with web blog).
  • Learning tools to include Pod Cast skill refreshers, downloadable to MP3.
  • Assignments that sharpen skills and transfer knowledge to relevant work situations.
  • Social Learning through group dialogue and debrief of work experiences.

Package Structure
3 months of virtual meetings led by an Xponents facilitator.
Note: Minimum Pod size is 12, maximum is 15.

You can also find this information on Page 4 of the Xponents Catalogue.