Systems Coaching

What is Systems Coaching?
From time to time, working relationships become strained or grow stagnant. Systems Coaching can help.  Systems Coaches work with individuals that have a reporting, partner, or peer relationship that is in crisis or at risk.  Working with a trained Systems Coach will provide the skills needed to enhance productivity, work satisfaction, and organizational effectiveness.

Systems Coaching

During a customized coaching engagement, recipients will learn and practice the art of creating agreements, will gain awareness of old ways of operating that are ineffective, and utilize partnering skills that strengthen the working relationship.

Xponents will design the number of individual versus joint coaching sessions based on the specific needs of the working relationship.  Shared goals and desired outcomes will be agreed upon at the onset of the engagement with the appropriate manager or executive sponsor.

You’ll know that Systems Coaching is right for certain members of your organization if you’ve ever wondered about the cost of dysfunctional relationships in the workplace.

Who would benefit

  • Working relationships that have become dysfunctional.
  • New working relationships where the stakes are high.
  • Unproductive working relationships that lack creativity and collaboration.
  • Relationships that are negatively impacting organizational effectiveness.


  • Partnerships and teams walk away with practical skills and tools they can use when they need to:
    • Discuss differing points of view.
    • Align around a common purpose.
    • Tell a difficult truth.
    • Mend relationships.

A tailored coaching engagement that includes individual coaching, joint coaching, and managerial check-ins.

You can also find this information on Page 6 of the Xponents Catalogue.