Executive Coaching

A 6-month coaching engagement that equates to approximately 20 hours of interviews, assessments, evaluation, goal setting, action planning, observation, and coaching support. Our methodology emphasizes shared goals and clear success measures. Our intent is not to create dependency, but to transfer the investment of time and money to the bottom line of the organization and toward the ultimate purpose and potential of the leader we coach.
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Coaching the Coach

A 3-month coaching engagement that encompasses observation and coaching support. Our methodology emphasizes examining specific situations to identify leadership behaviors and patterns that are creating the current reality. From this level of awareness, leaders can make new choices and act in ways that create intentional outcomes.
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Leadership Coaching Circles

A virtually-facilitated group process that focuses on what is needed most to enhance leader-effectiveness. Xponents’ coaches ask compelling questions intended to move the group to a new level of thinking, and challenge the group to uncover innovative and creative solutions to support new levels of performance. The ultimate objective is to develop a community of practice who is able to become independent and self-directed.
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Skill Reinforcement Pods

A virtual program to transfer and accelerate learning by utilizing a combination of on the job assignments, skill refresher pod casts, and social interaction in a virtual community of practice. Experienced certified Leader Coach/facilitators use group coaching to tie all the elements together.
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Systems Coaching

A coaching engagement with a partnership or team that is not operating up to its potential or that may be at risk. Working with a trained Systems Coach  provides the skills needed to enhance productivity and work satisfaction.
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