What would it take to realize my full potential?

As the marketplace has become increasingly competitive and fast-moving, organizations recognize they must work with speed and precision to enable key people to achieve critical business objectives.  The focus of coaching has become:  how to take good people and make them the best they can be, positioning them to work more effectively and cohesively in their environments, and making the most of their capabilities. In some organizations the cry has become, how do we get better, faster?

At Xponents, our coaching services focus on the development of leaders. You might say we are Leadership Coaches.  Our emphasis is on working with the leader’s behaviors, style, vision, values, and purpose.  We support leaders in identifying areas of focus to improve their own effectiveness, and the effectiveness of the organization they serve.  We also coach for Leadership Development, meaning we work to instill a capability in the leader to move organizational effectiveness by helping the leader become a better coach.

Optimum coaching alliances span a minimum of three months with an average of two, one-hour coaching sessions each month over the phone.

Who would benefit

  • Leaders in need of developing fresh approaches/new skills.
  • Leaders who need to take their team to the next level.
  • Leaders who have recently completed Context of Coaching.


  • The emphasis is on creating self-awareness that leads to insight, action, and transformation.
  • Coaching reinforces and integrates fundamental coaching skills into real world situations.


A 3-month coaching engagement that encompasses observation and coaching support.

Our methodology emphasizes examining specific situations to identify leadership behaviors and patterns that are creating the current reality. From this level of awareness, leaders can make new choices and act in ways that create intentional outcomes.

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