Bronze Membership

In this self-directed, online version of Creating Collaborative Partnerships, you will receive six virtual lessons, at two-weeks intervals, over three months. There are two topics per lesson and lessons include videos, handouts, job-transfer assignments and quick reference tools.

You will learn partnering skills and partnering toxins, strategies for developing partnering agreements, and a methodology to help you engage in challenging conversations. All of these tools ensure more effective dialogue and improved outcomes. 

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Silver Membership

Do you prefer a more interactive program? Then consider a Silver Membership and join a mastermind virtual group to dive even deeper into the content. As a Silver Member, you will receive all the benefits of the Bronze Membership, including the self-directed lessons, but you will also meet twice a month for coaching and a debrief of key lesson concepts. These group calls utilize Zoom and the sessions will be recorded and made available to members.

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Gold Membership

Want a more personal experience? The Gold Membership gives you personalized one-to-one coaching, once a month for the 3 month duration of the program.

You’ll receive these session in addition to all the benefits of both the Silver and Bronze Memberships. Ready to get started? For questions on Gold Membership, contact us today to schedule a telephone consultation. 

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