Creating Collaborative Partnerships


Xponents’ founder and president, Deb Siverson, discusses how authentic trust and effective business relationships have a direct impact on an organization’s bottom line.

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Deb also explains how Xponents’ program Creating Collaborative Partnerships helps accelerate the development of authentic trust in organizations.

How do you ensure the commitment to your partnership is reciprocal?

Successful partnerships are dependent on relationships that are authentic and trustworthy.  Through consistently honest and open dialogue, effective partners develop relationships that are based on mutual respect, optimism, personal responsibility, and the cultivation of commitments.  In this highly interactive session, available in both in-person and facilitator-led virtual editions, participants will learn about partnering skills and partnering toxins, how to develop partnering agreements, and a method of engaging in challenging conversations that is sure to improve partner communications and creativity.

Win-win is a belief in the third alternative.  It’s not your way or my way; it’s a better way, a higher way.  Stephen R. Covey

Who would benefit

  • Newly formed partnerships.
  • Partnerships that are stuck, have reached a performance plateau, or struggling with competing priorities.
  • Partnerships experiencing dysfunction or unresolved conflicts.
  • Partnerships that want to learn more about effective and ineffective partner behaviors.


  • Understand systems theory and its application to partnerships.
  • Design partnership agreements.
  • Effective communication strategies:  skills & poisons.
  • Techniques to repair broken partnerships.
  • Collaboration tools.
  • Leverage the strengths of the partnership to develop priorities and action plans.

Course Structure

  • One day workshop
  • Customizable in two half-day sessions
  • Available in facilitator-led virtual edition

You can also find this information on Page 15 of the Xponents Catalog.

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