Emotional Intelligence at Work

What if we could align performance with potential?
Developing potential starts with understanding what’s holding you back, and putting a plan in place to move past it.  Understanding emotional intelligence and the impact on team members and customers, takes you beyond learning new techniques and skills.  Techniques and skills are an important component of your training and development plan.  Emotional Intelligence at Work takes you and your team to the heart of what’s getting in the way of the next performance break through.

Being an educated person is no longer enough…we have to leap right over the search for objective criteria…and get into competencies…do you like pressure…can you be steady…empathy is a practical competence.  -Peter Drucker, Managing in a Time of Great Change

Who would benefit

  • Individuals who want to learn more about themselves and emotional intelligence.
  • Teams that want to understand how emotional intelligence impacts team performance.
  • Teams that want to identify ways to improve performance through an awareness of their emotional impact.
  • Members of intact work groups who have responsibility for maximizing results.

What you will learn

  • Each individual within the team will take the Emotional Intelligence 2.0 as part of their pre-work assignment.
  • The pre-work will also support the basic understanding of the five composite scales and the 15 subscales that make up the Emotional Intelligence self -assessment.
  • Individuals will identify their top emotional competencies and their areas of opportunities.
  • The team will identify collective emotional strengths and areas of opportunities.
  • The team will learn the impact of emotional competencies in the work place.

At the end of this course, you will be able to

  • Understand your own emotional intelligence and the impact it has on yourself and others.
  • Define the area you can work on to develop and improve your emotional effectiveness.
  • Develop a team focus to improve the climate within your work environment.
  • Build stronger relationships with team members and customers.

Learning Approach

  • Pre-work.
  • Experiential exercises.
  • Dialogue related to relevant life and work experiences.
  • Synergistically delivered.

Course Structure
Half-day workshop and a Emotional Intelligence 2.0 assessment for each team member.
Notes: Minimum class size is 10, maximum is 24.

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