Transforming Conflict into Creativity

What if conflict were a good thing?

Often conflict is viewed negatively, a red flag indicating that moving forward and getting agreement will be a long and tortuous process or at a cold standstill.  In reality, conflict is a natural occurrence that can precede growth and positive change in a system.

The first step to accessing the vein of gold in difficult conversations is to change your viewpoint – “We’re in conflict – something good is on the other side!”

At the end of this course, you will be able to

  • Address conflict in a non-threatening and non-defensive manner.
  • Find a gem in conflict to improve working relationships and create deeper understanding.
  • Prepare for conflict in advance, before you get hooked in emotionally.

What you will learn

  • What the four most damaging stances can be when conflict arises and how to avoid these.
  • How conflict can surface important values (on both sides), aid in creating alignment around a common goal, or indicate that it’s time to step out of the usual roles you’ve been playing.
  • How to become curious in the face of conflict, instead of defensive, aggressive, or shut-down.
  • The impact of edge behaviors on dealing with conflict.

Who would benefit

  • Any individual who finds themselves uncomfortable when dealing with emotionally charged situations.
  • Members of intact work groups who have responsibility for maximizing results.
  • Cross-functional task team members who must quickly deliver quality projects on time.
  • Newly forming or siloed team members that must collaborate despite competing priorities.

Learning Approach

  • Experiential exercises.
  • Dialogue related to relevant work experiences.
  • High-impact followed by sustained support back “in the field”.
  • Synergistically delivered.

Course Structure

A one day workshop.

Minimum class size is 12, maximum is 24.

You can also find this information on Page 13 of the Xponents Catalogue.