The Cycle of Transformation is a three-part workshop series developed and delivered exclusively by Xponents. These experiential 2-3 day workshops are intended to build on one another and allow leaders the time they need to transfer their insight and learning to real experiences with their team. 

Learn more about each of the three workshops below:

Context of Coaching is the first of three workshops in The Cycle of Transformation series. Managers will learn and practice how to operate and influence a growth mindset and strategies to align individual and organizational values. They will also practice fundamental skills like building real trust, deepening awareness, and moving into intentional action. 
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Connecting through Coaching is the second of three workshops in The Cycle of Transformation series. Team members will participate with their intact work group in a safe environment to expand their coaching skills beyond the foundation work completed in the first workshop, Context of Coaching.
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Collaborative Coaching is the final workshop in the three-part series. This workshop equips leaders to execute the advanced art of team coaching.

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Who would benefit:

  • Leaders and managers that want a practical approach to learning how to coach.
  • Teams looking for opportunities to strengthen their relationships and increase their productivity.
  • Business professionals in leadership positions who have the potential to enhance team performance through coaching and improved communication.
  • Leaders with coaching experience who are ready to take their feedback skills to the next level.


Increase engagement and individual performance by:

  • Focusing on strengths. 
  • Identifying successful behaviors and high-impact areas of focus.
  • Collaborating with team members on goals and action plans.
  • Establishing personal accountability for results.