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Company Overview

Xponents is passionate about its mission—to dramatically impact and transform leadership in organizations. Our team of experienced resources is uniquely qualified to help your firm move success to a whole new level.


Xponents’ President Debra Siverson is passionate about her firm’s mission— to dramatically impact and transform leadership in organizations, through the development of Leader Coaches. She and her team of experienced resources are uniquely qualified to help your firm move success to a whole new level.

Capability Statement

Xponents is a Leadership Development and Coaching Consultancy that designs, develops, and delivers cutting-edge learning programs. Xponents experienced resources also provide coaching services for individuals and teams.

Certifications, Memberships, and Contracts

Xponents is a GSA Contract Holder, Woman Owned, WBE, SDB, & RTD-certified SBE.

Guiding Principles


Elevating individuals, teams, and organizations above self-imposed limitations to recognize their limitless potential through honoring and unleashing the unique values, vision, purpose, and talents inherent in all.


Visionary, Dynamic, Creative, Authentic, Open-Minded, Collaborative, Integrity-based, Dependable, Challenge Greatness.


Designing, developing, and delivering cutting-edge, leadership development experiences (Learning Paths) that have dramatic, transformative, exponential, and lasting impact on performance.

Change Management Methodology

Creating a sustainable coaching culture is a change initiative.  A successful implementation carefully considers: Executive Sponsorship,  Management Orientation, Communication, Alignment of Critical Success Factors, and Sequencing and Timing of steps to ensure readiness and resiliency.  We have the experience to support you in developing a winning strategy.


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Deb Siverson

Meet Deb and learn what inspired her to make the development of Leader Coaches her driving passion.

Transfer of Learning

In this recorded interview, Deb discusses the challenges of transferring learning back at the job. She offers insight and practical solutions to get the most out of systems learning strategies.