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TLC =Transformational Leadership + Coaching

The Cycle of Transformation is a workshop series based on the book by Deb Siverson. It is available for in-person and virtual delivery. The program gives leaders and managers a practical approach to learn how to enhance performance by using a Transformational Leader Coach Style. There are four workshops in the series, designed to work in concert, to build a culture of TLC.

Context of Coaching

Principles of Transformational Leadership + Coaching

The foundational skills that inspire and empower to accelerate performance. 

Who would benefit?

  • Organizations who want managers to empower, engage, and inspire
  • Teams using an agile methodology to increase trust and co-activity
  • Leaders who want to accelerate change through continual learning
  • Business professionals who want to drive performance through coaching and improved communication.


What are the participant outcomes?  

  • Discover what inspires and how to recognize it in self and others
  • Identify when disempowered and how to recover to your empowered state
  • Build trust and create a climate of psychological safety 
  • Workplace conversations that are meaningful, productive, and drive outcomes 
  • Enhance creative thinking and collaboration 

Connect through Coaching

Moving to Mastery  Y=f(TL+C)

Expand transformational coaching skills beyond the fundamentals.

Who would benefit?

  • Leaders with coaching and feedback experience who are ready to up-skill
  • Leader coaches who want more feedback on how to coach
  • Organizations that need to increase coaching cadence and effectiveness 


What are the participant outcomes?  

  • Accelerate coaching skill development
  • Reinforcement of coaching behaviors
  • Clarity on what is blocking progress
  • Accountability to stay the course when impacted by “the learning dip”

Collaborative Coaching

Coaching the system  Y∞

Build and expand communication and coaching skills to team settings.

Who would benefit?

  • Leader coaches proficient in coaching individuals that want to coach teams
  • Organizations that want to improve performance by enhancing manager’s  effectiveness at team coaching
  • Internal coaches looking for ways to extend their reach and impact


What are the participant outcomes?  

  • Knowledge of systems coaching and its nuances
  • Identify global needs and when to coach the system rather than the individual 
  • Tips on coaching the virtual system
  • Practice coaching a team using systems coaching

Power Of Why

Why it Matters (A x E)Y = R

Aligning with values, meaning, and purpose is the game changer.

Who would benefit?

  • Organizations who want an engaged workforce
  • Leaders who want connection to meaning and purpose at work
  • Individuals who want to feel more inspired by their work


What are the participant outcomes?

  • Know the impact of values, vision, and purpose at work
  • Gain self-awareness of what inspires and motivates
  • Learn how to listen for what meaning for others

Cycle of Transformation Program Features

Power of Why

We can support your coaching culture development!

Transfer of Learning

In this recorded interview, Deb discusses the challenges of transferring learning back at the job. She offers insight on how leaders and managers can reinforce change initiatives by using a coaching style.

What sets us apart?

Concepts - The Exponential Equation

We know that outcomes are a function of what (you do) x (how you do it), but we change the game with an exponent. We use the equation to help assess and diagnose the leading indicators of performance.

Methodology - Cycle of Transformation

We use the same coaching methodology that Deb wrote about in her book; The Cycle of Transformation: Igniting organizational change through the leader coach. This method is a transformational leadership coaching approach.

Tools - The Power of Why

The Power of Why is an approach to coaching that unleashes what creates meaning as the catalyst for change. It's the Xponent!

Methodology - Collaborative Partnerships

We use the same methodology that we teach in our Creating Collaborative Partnerships program; a systems based approach to team alignment on strategy, goals, roles, and rules of engagement.

Skills - Developing Authentic Trust

There are four skills and a process that help us know how to develop trust with our clients...and in some of our programs we will even teach you how we do it. 

Experience - Building Coaching Cultures

Experience building a culture of coaching and teaching organizations to use Leader as Coach strategies. 
We have coached in Financial Services, IT, Manufacturing, Construction, Oil and Gas, Government Agencies, and non-profits. 
Deb has a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership, and is a PCC through the International Coaching Federation. 

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