Driving outcomes by elevating the quality of your workplace conversations.

Our Why

“We exist to transform organizations to be people oriented and results driven. This  happens when you change the quality and transparency of the conversation to unleash the power of unique talent, meaning and purpose.”
Deb Siverson, Xponents CEO

Let us transform your world!

Coaching Services

"Deb Siverson is a dynamic and committed leader, mentor and coach. Her huge heart, fierce commitment make her a joy to work and learn with. Deb is extraordinary at inspiring and calling people forth to their very best and generating dynamic relationships based on mutual respect and trust."
Karen Kimsey-House
Co-Founder, Coaches Training Institute

Leader as Coach

“This was an excellent course that was motivating and inspiring. It was good to see different approaches and new ways to coach and has given me lots of new ideas and skills to take back to and share with my team. There are many excellent techniques such as the 'Sparking Insight' that we can apply and take forward in our coaching roles” 
Joe Hall
Department of Interior

Leadership Development

"Deb can truly help take your career to the next level by shining a light on development areas you may have been missing or strengths you didn't realize you had. On top of that, her classes are always fun and interactive - a far cry from the typical PowerPoint-driven training."
Sam Braverman
Bureau of Reclamation

Team Development

"We hired Xponents to help us define strategic objectives and to help us build collaborative partnerships. They were agile and able to adjust to managing shifting conversations and focus. Deb's depth of real world expertise enabled her to provide excellent examples and hone in on particular topics the team was interested in. Following our sessions my leadership team noted the benefits of the work we did to move the organization forward to a higher-level of performance."
Shawn McMaster
Business Enablement Executive

Organizational Performance

"Deb is an amazing consultant, coach and engaging leader! She will customize a program that fits the needs of your organization and your team. She delivers a flawless message that will resonate with you team and help them move forward in their journey! I highly recommend Deb for anyone's organization."
Laura Worzella
Executive Vice President

Coaching Services


Our coaching services focus on developing insight and awareness of how to inspire oneself and others. Then the focus naturally moves to the actions that improve individual effectiveness to intentionally impact outcomes. We believe this is best achieved by unleashing the leader’s unique strengths, style, vision, values, and purpose.

  • Leadership Coaching
  • Coaching the Coach
  • Team Coaching

Leader as Coach

TLC=Transformational Leadership + Coaching

Only one in four employees strongly agree that their manager provides them with meaningful feedback, or that it helps them to do better work. Managers must be better equipped to coach and provide feedback—because according to Gallup’s research, managers account for 70% of the variance in employee engagement. “When managers provide meaningful feedback to employees, those employees are 3.5x more likely to be engaged.”  Xponents Cycle of Transformation series is built to empower and engage employees through the Leader Coach.

  • Context of Coaching
  • Connect through Coaching
  • Collaborative Coaching

Leadership Development

(Self Awareness + Priorities) (Intentional Action) = New Possibilities

At the heart of transformational  leadership is the articulation and alignment of organizational vision. This approach to leadership helps teams and individuals envision the future with ease and enthusiasm.  To be effective in this way requires awareness of self, others, and the larger organizational system. Our transformational leadership programs focus on expanding awareness that translates into action. 

  • Leadership Basics
  • Leadership Lab
  • Emotional Intelligence

Organizational Performance

Coaching the system  Y∞

We have more than 20 years designing and developing solutions to enhance organizational performance based on our clients unique needs. We offer:

  • Discovery, Design, Development, and Delivery of Customized Solutions
  • Competency and Personality Assessments
  • Speaking Events

Team Development

Quality conversations + High trust relationships = Better outcomes

Successful partnerships and teams are dependent on relationships that are authentic and trustworthy. Through consistently honest and open dialogue, effective partners develop relationships that are based on mutual respect, optimism, personal responsibility, and the cultivation of commitments. Our programs offer a pragmatic method to change the conversation.

  • Creating Collaborative Partnerships
  • Transforming Conflict into Creativity
  • Strategic Alignment


Concepts: The Exponential Equation

We know that outcomes are a function of what (you do) multiplied by how (you do it), but we change the game with an exponent. We use the equation to help assess and diagnose the leading indicators of performance. 


Methodology - The Cycle of Transformation

We use the same coaching methodology that Deb wrote about in her book; The Cycle of Transformation: Igniting organizational change through the leader coach. This method is a transformational leadership coaching approach.


The Power of Why is an approach to coaching that unleashes what creates meaning as the catalyst for change. It’s the Xponent!


Methodology - Collaborative Partnerships

We use the same methodology that we teach in our Creating Collaborative Partnerships program; a systems based approach to team alignment on strategy, goals, roles, and rules of engagement.


Skills - Developing Authentic Trust

There are four skills and a process that help us know how to develop trust with our clients…and in some of our programs we will even teach you how we do it. 


Experienced- Building Coaching Cultures

Experienced building a culture of coaching and teaching organizations to use Leader as Coach strategies.
We have coached in Financial Services, IT, Manufacturing, Construction, Oil and Gas, Government Agencies, and non-profits.
Deb has a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership, and is a PCC through the International Coaching Federation.


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Want to transform your world?

Schedule time with Deb to find out how you can ignite change, one conversation at a time.

Want to transform your world?

Schedule time with Deb to find out how you can ignite change, one conversation at a time.