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Leadership Coaching

Change begins with you

Who would benefit?

  • Leaders in transition
  • Managers in need of fresh approaches/skills
  • Leaders who need to take their team to the next level.

What are the benefits?  Coaching improves:

  • prioritization and focus 
  • self-awareness
  • empathy
  • self-regulation
  • relationships
  • intended impact

Coaching the Coach

Become an agent for change

Who would benefit?

  • Leader coaches: learning to use a coaching style
  • Leader coaches who want feedback on how to coach
  • Organizations developing a coaching culture

What are the benefits?  

  • accelerate coaching skill development
  • reinforcement of coaching behaviors
  • clarity on what is blocking progress
  • accountability to stay the course when impacted by "the learning dip"
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Team Coaching

Elevating the organization

Who would benefit?

  • Teams in transition
  • Teams struggling with communication and misalignment
  • Cross-functional teams with competing agendas

What are the benefits?  

  • prioritization and goal alignment
  • system-awareness
  • role clarity
  • defined operating/relationship contract

Coaching Program Features

Leadership Coaching
Coaching the Coach
Team Coaching
Let's get your coach on!

Transfer of Learning

In this recorded interview, Deb discusses the challenges of transferring learning back at the job. She offers insight on how leaders and managers can reinforce change initiatives by using a coaching style.


What sets us apart?


Concepts - The Exponential Equation

We know that outcomes are a function of what (you do) x (how you do it), but we change the game with an exponent. We use the equation to help assess and diagnose the leading indicators of performance.  

Tools - The Power of Why

The Power of Why is an approach to coaching that unleashes what creates meaning as the catalyst for change. It's the Xponent!

Skills - Developing Authentic Trust

There are four skills and a process that help us know how to develop trust with our clients...and in some of our programs we will even teach you how we do it. 

Methodology - Cycle of Transformation

We use the same coaching methodology that Deb wrote about in her book; The Cycle of Transformation: Igniting organizational change through the leader coach. This method is a transformational leadership coaching approach.

Methodology - Collaborative Partnerships

We use the same methodology that we teach in our Creating Collaborative Partnerships program; a systems based approach to team alignment on strategy, goals, roles, and rules of engagement.

Experience - Building Coaching Cultures

Experience building a culture of coaching and teaching organizations to use Leader as Coach strategies. 

We have coached in Financial Services, IT, Manufacturing, Construction, Oil and Gas, Government Agencies, and non-profits. 

Deb has a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership, and is a PCC through the International Coaching Federation. 

Want to transform your world?

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