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TLC=Transformational Leadership + Coaching

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The Cycle of Transformation is a workshop series based on the book by Deb Siverson. It is available for in-person and virtual delivery. The program gives leaders and managers a practical approach to learn how to enhance performance by using a Transformational Leader Coach Style. There are four workshops in the series, designed to work in concert, to build a culture of TLC.

Context of Coaching

Principles of Transformational Leadership + Coaching

The foundational skills that inspire and empower to accelerate performance. 

Who would benefit?

  • Organizations who want managers to empower, engage, and inspire
  • Teams using an agile methodology to increase trust and co-activity
  • Leaders who want to accelerate change through continual learning
  • Business professionals who want to drive performance through coaching and improved communication.

What are the participant outcomes?  

  • Discover what inspires and how to recognize it in self and others
  • Identify when disempowered and how to recover to your empowered state
  • Build trust and create a climate of psychological safety 
  • Workplace conversations that are meaningful, productive, and drive outcomes 
  • Enhance creative thinking and collaboration 

Connect through Coaching

Moving to Mastery  Y=f(TL+C)

Expand transformational coaching skills beyond the fundamentals.

Who would benefit?

  • Leaders with coaching and feedback experience who are ready to up-skill
  • Leader coaches who want more feedback on how to coach
  • Organizations that need to increase coaching cadence and effectiveness 

What are the participant outcomes?  

  • Accelerate coaching skill development
  • Reinforcement of coaching behaviors
  • Clarity on what is blocking progress
  • Accountability to stay the course when impacted by "the learning dip"

Collaborative Coaching

Coaching the system  Y∞

Build and expand communication and coaching skills to team settings.

Who would benefit?

  • Leader coaches proficient in coaching individuals that want to coach teams
  • Organizations that want to improve performance by enhancing manager's  effectiveness at team coaching
  • Internal coaches looking for ways to extend their reach and impact

What are the participant outcomes?  

  • Knowledge of systems coaching and its nuances
  • Identify global needs and when to coach the system rather than the individual 
  • Tips on coaching the virtual system
  • Practice coaching a team using systems coaching

Power of Why

Why it Matters (A x E)Y = R

Aligning with values, meaning, and purpose is the game changer.

Who would benefit?

  • Organizations who want an engaged workforce
  • Leaders who want connection to meaning and purpose at work
  • Individuals who want to feel more inspired by their work

What are the participant outcomes?

  • Know the impact of values, vision, and purpose at work
  • Gain self-awareness of what inspires and motivates
  • Learn how to listen for what meaning for others

Cycle of Transformation Program Features

Power of Why
We can support your coaching culture development!

What sets us apart?


Concepts - The Exponential Equation

We know that outcomes are a function of what (you do) x (how you do it), but we change the game with an exponent. We use the equation to help assess and diagnose the leading indicators of performance.  

Tools - The Power of Why

The Power of Why is an approach to coaching that unleashes what creates meaning as the catalyst for change. It's the Xponent!

Skills - Developing Authentic Trust

There are four skills and a process that help us know how to develop trust with our clients...and in some of our programs we will even teach you how we do it. 

Methodology - Cycle of Transformation

We use the same coaching methodology that Deb wrote about in her book; The Cycle of Transformation: Igniting organizational change through the leader coach. This method is a transformational leadership coaching approach.

Methodology - Collaborative Partnerships

We use the same methodology that we teach in our Creating Collaborative Partnerships program; a systems based approach to team alignment on strategy, goals, roles, and rules of engagement.

Experience- Building Coaching Cultures

Experienced building a culture of coaching and teaching organizations to use Leader as Coach strategies. 

We have coached in Financial Services, IT, Manufacturing, Construction, Oil and Gas, Government Agencies, and non-profits. 

Deb has a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership, and is a PCC through the International Coaching Federation. 

Want to transform your organization?

Talk to us and find out how you can ignite change by developing the leader as coach.