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Leadership Development Services

(Self Awareness + Priorities) (Intentional Action) = New Possibilities

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What participants are saying

I learned a lot more about my values & leadership style & will be able to apply those concepts at work & beyond.

The leadership style and conflict behaviors were really helpful in understanding how our co-workers express themselves. Thank You!

Feel as though I have a path forward to improve my work performance.

Deb was fantastic at engaging the group and she has a dynamic teaching style that will help me relate the topics effectively in my experience here on out.

Engaging & interesting training style, variety of exercises to keep the material interesting & effective.

I will be more receptive to the styles and values of those I work with and can better tailor my approach toward them.

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Leadership Basics

Who am I as a leader?

Who would benefit?

  • Emerging leaders that want to learn more about leadership skills and principals.
  • Business professionals that want to enhance self-awareness and lead more intentionally.
  • Managers who want greater clarity and awareness of the impact they have on team members.
  • Organizations that want to impact engagement by aligning meaning and purpose at work in their leadership development programs.

What are the participant outcomes? 

  • Develop a personalized definition of leadership.
  • Understand leadership characteristics and identify the ones that are core to each individual's success.
  • Distinguish between leadership skills and style.
  • Evaluate one's default leadership style and common leadership pitfalls.
  • Identify individual's core values and the impact it has on one's leadership brand.
  • Practice a critical thinking process for leadership decision making.
  • Develop a personal action plan to enhance personal effectiveness.

Leadership Lab

Have a bigger impact

Who would benefit?

  • Emerging leaders
  • Managers who want to effectively drive results through others
  • Organizations who value a transformational and collaborative approach to leadership

What are the participant outcomes?

  • Develop Executive Presence & Find Your Voice

  • Enhance Communication Skills

  • Effective Feedback

  • Improved Emotional Intelligence

  • Allies and Coalition Building

  • Ethics & Political Savvy 

  • Presentation Skills

  • Conflict Competency

  • Negotiation Skills

What are participants saying about Leadership Lab?

“Thoroughly enjoyed this training, even though it was out of my comfort zone. Best training I’ve ever attended!”

“The compilation of all the topics really built on each other – strengths w/MBTI with conflict, leadership and political style – these are huge in how I can be more effective with the tools I already have.”

“The Strength Finder and Emotional Intelligence topics were very enlightening.”

“It was a challenging experience, but was very rewarding.”

“I enjoyed Deb’s leadership and mastery of the topics. The workshop was intense {but} was not drawn out.”

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The Virtual Leader

Connecting across space and time

Who would benefit?

  • Leaders with remote teams
  • Leaders who have teams struggling with communication and misalignment
  • Leaders who don't know how to build relationships from a distance

What are the participant outcomes?  

  • Enhanced presence 
  • Deeper listening and connection 
  • Research based tips on being a transformational leader across space and time.

EQi @ Work

Who will benefit?

  • Individuals and teams who want to learn more about themselves and emotional intelligence.
  • Organizations who know the significant impact of emotional intelligence on team performance.
  • Teams who want to build genuine relationships as a means to improve performance.
  • Anyone who wants to have greater awareness and intention of their emotional impact.

What are the participant outcomes?

  • Understand emotional intelligence and its impact on self and others.
  • Identify how to develop and improve emotional effectiveness.
  • Develop a focus and tactics to improve the climate at work.
  • Gain awareness of how to build stronger relationships with team members and customers.

Leadership Development Program Features

Leadership Basics
Leadership Lab
The Virtual Leader
EQi @ Work
Time to leader-up!

What sets us apart?


Concepts - The Exponential Equation

We know that outcomes are a function of what (you do) x (how you do it), but we change the game with an exponent. We use the equation to help assess and diagnose the leading indicators of performance.  

Tools - The Power of Why

The Power of Why is an approach to coaching that unleashes what creates meaning as the catalyst for change. It's the Xponent!

Skills - Developing Authentic Trust

There are four skills and a process that help us know how to develop trust with our clients...and in some of our programs we will even teach you how we do it. 

Methodology - Cycle of Transformation

We use the same coaching methodology that Deb wrote about in her book; The Cycle of Transformation: Igniting organizational change through the leader coach. This method is a transformational leadership coaching approach.

Methodology - Collaborative Partnerships

We use the same methodology that we teach in our Creating Collaborative Partnerships program; a systems based approach to team alignment on strategy, goals, roles, and rules of engagement.

Experience - Building coaching cultures

Experienced building a culture of coaching and teaching organizations to use Leader as Coach strategies. 

We have coached in Financial Services, IT, Manufacturing, Construction, Oil and Gas, Government Agencies, and non-profits. 

Deb has a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership, and is a PCC through the International Coaching Federation. 

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