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Transforming organizations by elevating the conversation

TLC = Transformational Leadership + Coaching

Transforming organizations to be people centric and results driven

Leadership Development

Michele Kelsey , Leadership Development

Deb Siverson is an amazing leadership coach and change consultant. I worked with Deb on a major process change initiative that presented some challenges to the leaders involved. Deb worked closely with these leaders, assessing their strengths and development areas, and developed a coaching plan that was extremely successful, as was the implementation of the initiative.

Developing Conflict Competence

Kristin Holzinger K’eit, Team Development

My colleague and I worked with Xponents to develop a training theory to uncover and repair the roots of debilitating conflict in five of our teams. I was impressed with how familiar Deb was with the types of conflict we were specifically facing, and strategies for how to repair [them]. Skillfully she brought along the naysayers into the activities and now the debriefing data really shows the progress the staff has made. Even the employee who was the most difficult has improved in interpersonal skills.

Coaching and Professional Development

Abby Steele, Coaching and Professional Development

My team at Black Diamond, a division of Advent Software, worked with Deb to prepare presentations for our client event, AdventConnect. Deb was such a professional and was so astute to how our clients think and want to learn. She knew just how to draw in our clients with pop, energy, and professionalism. Our clients said after the event that our presentations were some of the best they had ever seen. Deb helped us take it to the next level and beyond.

Leader as Coach

Krishna Charan, Leader as Coach

I had the opportunity to participate in ‘Coaching for leaders’ by Deb Siverson sponsored by Oracle Corporation. I didn’t know what to expect but had good reviews by some of my peers who took this course previously.  So, I went for it. I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed this course. The reason for that is most courses we take as part of our profession (IT at least) are technical and appeal to the logic and analytical thinking part of our brain which is in the left-hemisphere of our brain. This course turns ON your right-hemisphere part of your brain into active mode. Our holistic thinking, empathy, imagination and intuition are triggered. The more we experience this, the more we find it enriching.

I thank Deb for being a wonderful coach and to give this experience to us and empower us to be Coaches for others and continue this wonderful experience.


Virtual Transformational Leadership + Coaching

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