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“Deb really hits the mark on helping leaders move from coaching that is just about production to coaching that involves the important components of emotion and engagement.” –Amazon Review

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We are an organizational performance company who will radically change the way you do business.  Our business transformation specialists  drive performance outcomes through an approach called, Cycles of Transformation.

We work with senior and mid-level managers, business partners, cross-functional project teams and intact workgroups who need to impact sales or revenue, productivity, and employee engagement.

Learn more about our progressive approach which emphasizes accountability for results, transparent conversations, and human connection.

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Cycle of Transformation Series

Based on the acclaimed book, The Cycle of Transformation, this 3-part workshop series develops skilled leader coaches using our unique methodology. The sessions progress from learning coaching fundamentals, to the intermediate skills needed to coach to what’s needed most, and finally conclude with the advanced art of group and team coaching.  Each program can stand independently or be delivered in sequence, depending on your specific needs. If you like the book, discover how the workshops take your coaching from transactional to transformational.

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Creating Collaborative Partnerships

We know that successful partnerships thrive on authenticity and trust. When relationships are based on mutual respect, personal responsibility and the cultivation of commitments, partnerships operate at a higher level. In this highly interactive session, available in both in-person and facilitator-led virtual editions, participants learn about partnering skills and partnering toxins, how to develop partnering agreements, and a method of engaging in challenging conversations that is sure to improve partner communications and creativity.

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Coaching Services

Our coaching services focus on the development of leaders. Xponents champions and challenges each leader’s behaviors, style, vision, values and purpose. We start by identifying perceived strengths, effectiveness gaps, and areas of focus. With a deepening of awareness, there is a natural movement toward vision, strategy and action. Transformation comes from evaluating and reflecting on actions taken and impact of outcomes achieved. Our coaching services support you through the journey between today and your dream for tomorrow.

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What Our Clients Have to Say

Dave Mackaman

Deb has unique talents that will help you and your teams deliver strengthening, consistent, and intended business results. As an executive coach she will enrich your career development, but also create an intriguing sense of self awareness that will change your life in immeasurably and in important ways.

Dave Mackaman Executive Coaching Client
Debra Paterson

Deb is a creative problem solver in helping to develop great leaders. I have worked with her for sales leadership strategies and implementation, group dynamics work and individual leadership coaching. She is thoughtful and effective.

Debra Paterson EVP and Community Banking Head of HR, Wells Fargo Bank, Retired
Leigh (Prisoc) Peevy

I hired Deb on colleague referral and was extremely pleased with the results. Xponents and Deb provided amazing insights, coaching, program development and execution that provided a safe environment for a large group to navigate difficult territory. Deb’s sensitivity to the individual with a focus on the whole team was truly an art form. I would recommend her highly to anyone.

Leigh (Prisoc) Peevy Director, Nelnet
Abby Steele

My team at Black Diamond, a division of Advent Software, worked with Deb to prepare presentations for our client event, AdventConnect. Deb was such a professional and was so astute to how our clients think and want to learn. She knew just how to draw in our clients with pop, energy, and professionalism. Our clients said after the event that our presentations were some of the best they had ever seen. Deb helped us take it to the next level and beyond.

Abby Steele Manager, Client Training, Advent
Kristin Holzinger K’eit

My colleague and I worked with Xponents to develop a training theory to uncover and repair the roots of debilitating conflict in five of our teams. I was impressed with how familiar Deb was with the types of conflict we were specifically facing, and strategies for how to repair [them]. Skillfully she brought along the naysayers into the activities and now the debriefing data really shows the progress the staff has made. Even the employee who was the most difficult has improved in interpersonal skills.

Kristin Holzinger K’eit Regional Director of Indian Services for the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Alaska Region
Joe Hall

“This was an excellent course that was motivating and inspiring. It was good to see different approaches and new ways to coach and has given me lots of new ideas and skills to take back to and share with my team. There are many excellent techniques such as the “Sparking Insight” that we can apply and take forward in our coaching roles” – On taking The Cycle of Transformation: Context of Coaching course

Joe Hall Department of Interior Bureau of Reclamation, Great Plains Region

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