Power of Why: Values, Mindset and Visioning

Purpose wooden sign with a desert backgroundThe Power of Why is a term used to define what is most important, or what creates passion, purpose, and meaning for one’s work. It is the great multiplier when it comes to motivation. People are motivated by extrinsic and intrinsic factors. Extrinsic motivation includes money, status and rewards that are outside one’s passions. This type of motivation is fleeting and does not satisfy the higher-level needs for belonging, meaning, and making a difference. Intrinsic motivation is internal and unique to each of us and can be discovered through work that brings fulfillment and even joy to one’s work life.  The majority of managers don’t understand the importance of this powerful concept and mistakenly believe that what creates workplace engagement is money and status, and while these are also needs they are foundational or lower-level needs. There are three intrinsic elements that support coaches to unleash the Power of Why: Values, Mindset, and Visioning.


According to research, aligning individual values with an organizations creates employee engagement and loyalty. External motivators quickly reach a point of diminishing returns once basic needs are met. The opposite is true when it comes to fueling one’s core values, work is no longer work, but a crucial element of one’s being.


Approaching work with a Growth Mindset is another key to expanding what is possible. Recognizing one’s own Fixed Mindset is the first step in moving from disempowered to empowered.


Visioning your future is the act of seeing in your mind what you want to happen. This goes beyond thinking about it, to actually imagining it. Visualization unlocks a critical component in goal setting. It can unleash endorphins, which are the chemicals in your brain that make you feel good.

If you’re interested in unleashing the Power of Why in your life or at work, give me a call at 303-238-9733.


Deb-073 low resDeb Siverson is an author and president of Xponents, Inc. Her book, “The Cycle of Transformation: Igniting Organizational Change through the Leader Coach”, encourages transparent and emotionally-connected conversations at work. Her company’s focus is to bring out the best in people by recognizing the unique talent, values, and purpose inherent in all

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