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Purpose: Will it matter that I was?

Jun 25, 2008 10:02:57 PM

This blog matters!  It matters because I matter, and so do you.  As humans we are constantly on the hunt to create meaning.  From the time we are babies we take in and categorize information and make it mean something, even when it doesn’t.  We do all of this in pursuit of the eternal questions:

Who am I?
Where do I fit in the scheme of all things?
Why am I here?
How can I make a difference?

I have been searching out the answers to those questions my entire life, and I know I am not that different from you.  We all want to be seen for the uniquely creative and talented individuals we are.  It is in our differences that we are so alike.  A paradox.

I am sitting yet again with the questions, because as the world turns and shifts and evolves, so too do I along with the answers to these questions.  Or do they?  Is there some fundamental truth that stays constant?  The blueprint, the essence, the secret sauce that is me?  The answer is both yes and no.

This I know: the better I understand my values, vision, purpose, and mission the better equipped I am to choose the path I should be on today; with my family, my work, and in my community.  The more intentional and connected I am to the big picture, the better I can utilize all I have to offer and the more passion, satisfaction, and engagement I will have in every facet of my life.

This blog will explore topics related to unleashing the power that is in each of us.  As leaders in our families, places of business, local and international communities, there is nothing more important than to bring the very best that we are to whatever is needed in the present moment.

So here are some questions I asked myself today to help me explore who I am in the present moment:

  • What is one thing you feel strongly about, or that has been a reoccurring thought?
    What came up for me this morning is my concern about the environment and the economy, related to the use of fossil fuels.  I am saddened by the impact our society is having and what that could mean for current and future generations.  I also believe the price of gas could be the catalyst that forces a shift (and already is for many) in the choices we make, which I believe is a good thing.  I do wonder how this will affect lower-income families that don’t have any disposable income to put toward the increase in food and gas prices.
  • What does it say about who you are?
    I framed this as, I am an individual that cares deeply about the state of the world and the impact of the environmental choices we are making today on current and future generations.
  • How am I uniquely suited to have an impact in this arena?
    This is a new area of concern for me.  I only got serious about recycling in the past year.  I don’t really know that I feel solid or grounded in this topic, but here is what I can do today:  My family can reevaluate everything we do and look for ways to reduce fossil fuel usage in our household.  We can buy from local ranchers and farmers and do our part to reduce the cost of shipping.  We can limit trips to the store.  I can work from home once or twice a week.  I can have Xponents be in support of working remotely once or twice a week.  My husband rode his bike to work today, and is considering this as an option a few days a week.  I can encourage and support him in his choice.  I can research organizations that are funding or subsidizing public or mass transit options for low income families.  Hmm.  That feels like a place to start.
  • What is the impact of that on your personal life?  Your work life?
    By taking a stand on this topic, by finding my voice, I am living with intention and integrity in this area of my life.  I am being a leader and a model for others to look for ways to tell their story and “walk to the beat of their own drum,” and to make meaning, as only they can.

I want to hear how you are unleashing your unique power, and the power of others. And if you need a helping hand, schedule time for a free consult now.

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Deb Siverson is the owner and founder of Xponents. She completed her Masters in Organizational Leadership from University of Colorado-Boulder. Deb is the author of the book, "The Cycle of Transformation: igniting organizational change through the leader coach."

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