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I’m an Old Dog

Jul 27, 2011 5:19:08 PM

Here we go again!  It seems like I am forever reinventing my future…or is my future reinventing me?  I guess it’s a bit of both.  What I’m noticing lately, is that in this new economy it’s important to stay fluid.  That isn’t always easy for me.  I have a lot of experience in what I do and I feel confident that I know what works; the tried-and-true.  I’ll give you an example.  We recently converted one of our programs from a live to a virtual course using Live Meeting and social media.  I had incorporated both virtual platforms in the past with our programs, but never as the initial group process work.  My client really challenged me due to travel expense restrictions, and frankly I was a bit reluctant, hesitant even.  I held a belief about this type of work and the need for it to be done in person.  All in all it went well.  There were pieces that I still believe work better in person, but does the benefit of a live session outweigh the cost…not so sure.  I’m grateful to those people that give me a push into my future. Otherwise, I might be like that proverbial old dog that can’t learn new tricks.

And speaking of old dogs, I went out and bought an iPad.  I had seen a friend of mine using one a few weeks back and I was sold on the idea.  These gems are the future for businesses like mine.  I want to get the most out of it, so I’m committed to using my iPad for everything…email, calendar, contacts (that isn’t working so well yet) presentations, music, and books. The plan is to eventually travel without my laptop.  This will save my middle aged shoulders and back from hauling around all that equipment and my monthly phone bill is going down by $50 a month with my new set up.  What’s not to love!

This new iPad (I also replaced my BlackBerry with an iPhone) has been a blast!  I’m having so much fun that I tell all my friends and family that they have to get one too.  There truly is an app for just about everything.  I can make a shopping list, star gaze, follow my social media; if you can name it then I can probably do it…in theory.  I added that last bit, because this new technology requires that I learn new things and create new habits.  Learning all these new tricks often requires that I find my readers (until I figured out how to blow up the print so big that even my Dad could read it…and he’s legally blind) and read the online manual.  Bottom line is, it takes me longer than my old way of doing things and sometimes I get frustrated because…even though I don’t want to admit it, I am a bit of an old dog who desperately wants to learn new tricks!  How can I learn all this new stuff, think outside the box when it comes to my business, and maximize my creativity?

To start with, I’m going to try something new.  Occasionally, via the Xponents’ newsletter, Exposed, I recommend books that I have enjoyed or  in which I have found valuable information. This month, instead of suggesting a favorite book that I’ve already read, I thought I would share the title of the book I am about to read, and invite others to join along. You might call it a Virtual Book Club. The book I’ve chosen is Creativity and Innovation for Managers, by Brian Clegg.  As I dive into this promising book, I will post my impressions of what I’ve read so far on my blog, and ask anyone reading with me to chime in for discussion. I hope some readers will join me on this (hopefully) fun and insightful endeavor, and share their own reactions to the reading.

To find out more about this “virtual book club”, view details.

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